A collection of stories about working children in Kathmandu and Dhaka

Learn about the daily lives of working children and situate their lived experience in an immersive look at the businesses and urban neighbourhoods where spaces for the worst forms of child labour are created. Explore stories about children’s lives to understand how and why they entered hazardous and exploitative work, and what has kept them there.

I stay at the factory from almost dawn until midnight. So in a sense, this is my actual home, isn’t it?

We are grateful to the children and business owners in Kathmandu and Dhaka who generously invited us into their working lives to help create this resource on worst forms of child labour. Kathmandu Living Labs and Science Connect built the base maps of the urban neighbourhoods the children wanted to focus on and created the tooling that allowed children to document their daily lives with ease.

CLARISSA (Child Labour: Action-Research-Innovation in South and South-Eastern Asia) is a ground-breaking systemic action research programme generating innovative solutions for children to avoid hazardous, exploitative labour in Bangladesh and Nepal. The consortium includes the Institute of Development Studies; Terre des hommes; ChildHope and Consortium for Street Children. In Nepal it has been delivered by Children-Women in Social Service and Human Rights (CWISH), Voice of Children and Terre des hommes Nepal, with important contributions from the following local level partners: WOFOWON, Biswas Nepal, and Platform for Children. In Bangladesh by Terre des hommes Bangladesh, Grambangla Unnayan Committee (GUC) and BRAC institute for Government and Development.
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Warning this website contains material of a highly sensitive nature including accounts of sexual, physical and mental abuse, and other forms of violence, as well as accounts of exploitative and hazardous working conditions which may be triggering.